Windows SPY Phone Software


If you are looking at the gadget that can spy for you covertly, you have tuned into right place, well, not gadget, but surely we can give you an insight about spy cell phone software. This software is compatible with all Window phones. If you are using windows phone, then the software will offer you much more features.
Does your child spent more time in accessing his windows cell phone? Now you can track all his activities by mere use of this software.

Following are the functions of the spy window cell phone software:
Is your child or spouse phone bill is much more than expected or do they make more phone calls?? No problem the application will record all his conversation made threw his mobile phone and you can easily monitor it. Often , people do not make call ,they message to save their time, but no worries this software will track al the text messages , received and sent and you can easily make out that the person is indulging in wrong things or is he making optimum messages.

The other function of this software is, that it can secretly record the sound of surroundings threw a microphone. This will help you to allocate whether your kid is with wrong person or is in a danger.

Apart from recording all the conversation, the application can also monitor list of all the contacts no, in the targeted cell phone. And who is on his speed dial list. The use of this software is, so simple, only you have to do is mere settings and the software will start working. The installation of software will not bring any changes in the targeted phone and thus no one can detect its presence.

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